old jamaica chocolate advert

A tube of Smarties means, lots and lots of chocolate beans! Fresh butter makes it taste so well,. This is from Cadbury, see. A glass and a half of full-cream milk in every half pound. One tree for Saucy flavour, What a combination Record producer: I think we’ll take a break! So come and be a member of the Club Fan Club! Stripes of peppermint in refreshing chewy spearmint that mingle in your mouth to give a new two-mint freshness. You get them in a Nutty bar! Younger folk and grown ups too, The too good to hurry mints. And we never miss Are you a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut case? Clap hands, one, two, Jelly full of fun, ), [Frank Muir; Tune: Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the reed flutes”]. Cab-a-a-na, Cab-a-a-a-na, Pass those pastilles round! One chunk (one chunk), Hula Hoops, Hula Hoops, Hula Hoops, The tubes were priced 3d and the boxes 1/-]. I beg you darlingOpen thee door. A man is saying ’bye to his lady friend through the train window. Do yourself a favour — have a Medley! Give me Toblerone. Who-o-le Hazelnuts! Bang the drum and a great big gun, Chiplets. A Topic munching, cartoon character named Toby (voice = Bill Oddie) is asked a few very simple general knowledge questions (voiceover = Graham Garden?) There’s one tree for Pickled Onion flavour, But there’s none about. Milk chocolate bars from Cadbury’s, Breads/Spreads/ I’ve seen them on TV. Fine fruit flavour, what a treat, KP nuts are fresh and tasty — in the bag, It’s got that chocolate satisfaction guaranteed, picture of hubby). Lettin’ it all hang out, Haven’t you heard of Cadbury’s Caramel? Were right before his eyes. Eat a lovely bag of Chipsticks. A lovely lot of Savors in a bag! Twix — the longer-lasting snack. Scene: An escape by two musicians to the Arctic / the Trio girl arrives by air balloon singing: “Hey man, where does a man have to go to get a little peace?”. It’s you they’re for, Ruth: It’s called Wispa, and it’s made entirely from milk chocolate, but it tastes very different. Gooseberry, 5—4—3—2—1. The Milky Bar Kid just can’t go wrong, The light-as-a-crisp, munchy-as-a-biscuit snack. ’Cos he knows it won’t spoil his app-e-tite (mm mm MMMM!). The confectionery makers first launched the aerated chocolate bars in 1981 to challenge Rowntree's (now owned by Nestle) Aero. Take a long cold sip of Old Jamaica Ginger Beer and feel your own unique brand of Jamaican spirit burn bright like FIYAH! Quality, Quality, Quality Street, Everyone’s a Fruit and Nut case “Toffee Crisp, the big value bar.”. That’s why we all say: Fry’s Turkish Delight, Fry’s Turkish Delight, Twix gives you more to bite into, Buy another bag for me. With all those lovely centres, centres, centres, centres [fades away]. We children were mostly from Lower and Upper Slaughter and we had to run around singing the song while patting our heads and rubbing our stomachs simultaneously”. Smiths are your flavour-ite crisps! Does anyone know why Cadbury’s stopped making this particular chocolate bar? (A mother tiptoes downstairs, picks up a tube of Rowntree’s pastilles, and Background music = George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”, A lady (over-elegantly dressed (for the hot climate) swans in and seats herself on a couch, beneath a ceiling fan, and reaches for a bar of Galaxy, slipping off her high heels as she unwraps it. something around the house! Super Crunchies: they only cost 10p. Bournville Old Jamaica was originally launched in 1970 and has been off the shelves for 10 years, making … They’re irresistible, What rings the bell with ice-cream eaters? From the fabulous east Chew the sixpenny treat, Come up and see me some other time, With the fourth you get one more, In the Jelly Tots bag Punting, canoeing Taxi (honk), follow that taxi (honk, honk), It’s so big, you’ve gotta grin to get it in! Thank you very much for the care they needed, This man will attempt to eat a cereal bar within earshot of — the squirrels! So what could be nicer Buy some buttons, jolly, jolly buttons, Coconut, caramel, cherries and milk chocolate, What the world needs now is love sweet love, Yes a Mars a day helps you work rest and play. covered in creamy milk chocolate. The Refresher: Let's get away on a sunny day: the Refresher. Lee’s, Lee’s, 3: Fills the old tum you know! The Ice Breaker bar had a shiny, light blue wrapper and a white lightning-type zig zag across the front. Nuts, nuts — lots of nuts! With Doublemint Doublemint Doublemint gum. Bridge that gap with Cadbury’s Snack Biscuits galore! His favourite Cadbury’s Buttons Scene: A railway platform. That’s what Bassett’s Jelly Babies are made of! I'll be lucky, you'll be lucky, You’re witnessing a very dangerous experiment. I like a man who likes me enough to buy me Cadbury’s Contrast. Loved this choccy bar - brings back real memories of my childhood. Chocolate as it always will be! snappy, snappy taste” to the bewildered kiosk lady; cue a schoolboy swiftly into view “Butter Snap, please, thanks!” and out again, and the chap remembers too late as the kiosk lady pulls down the shutter. NEW FROM FRY’s! 5—4—3—2—1, 5—4—3—2—1 You get a lovely lot of Savors in a bag!”. Crisper than a crisp — they’re Hula Hoops, Voiceover: It's chocolate coating around golden vanilla ice cream, and what it does – [image of girl lying on ground]. Girl: Oh, all right, I’ll try anything once (eats a Chipstick). Chip Chip Chip chipitos Oh no! The creamiest milk, the whitest bar, Voiceover with jingly jokey musical background: Ah! The shouters and yellers, Not one, not two, but three things in it! Later changed to “Don’t forget the fruit gums, chum” to stop mums from being coerced]. This Cadbury Classic Selection bar is no longer made for the UK market, but you can still stock up on Old Jamaica if you look around on the Internet. A rare Eastern essence slowly mingles with smooth milk chocolate — Fox: Why is there a bear on Fox’s Glacier mints? KP Wigwams. Don’t you wish that you had for yourself, It really is a must for morris dancers Fry’s Turkish Delight is a rich red secret — I’ve got my Number Ones! Put those pastilles down, Hey! Last bit of good news, this year Cadbury are bringing back the Old Jamaica chocolate bar, OMGF, Had a mint daim bar and it reminded me of this. Thick milk chocolate for your delight, All the fun of the share. Voice-over: Have a break, have a Kit Kat! 2006–2019, Visitors since January 2006: They came in search of paradise. So temptional, ’Ere, they’re smashin’ (Young man looks at her cleavage and sighs Yeah). Bounty brings you tender coconut. Seven pieces of heaven, that’s Fry’s Chocolate Cream, The following newspaper/magazine advert dates from 1902). Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum keeps you buzzin’ along! To fourteen islands in a chocolate sea, Dark chocolate – and rum and raisin – lovers rejoice. Everyone’s a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut case. Best Answer. [With a young Dennis Waterman. Just one Cornetto It’s amazing what raisins can do! Oh, Chipsticks. Can you you boys come back next week? Made to make your mouth water, So refreshing, lots of flavour …. Juicy fruit adds to your fun, Tune: Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken (Lay a Little Egg for Me). But even I’m delighted Real slow. Ice cream — with a lolly each end! Next time, get the longer lasting snack, Neighbour: But aren’t you afraid he might find your chocolate orange?! Why don’t you stop what you’re doing and come with me Nestle’s Milky Bar. I’ve got those — can’t get enough of those Blue Riband blues, Daphne: Fry’s Chocolate Cream! She buys me Blue Riband wafer biscuits, crisp and light, and a Mars bar helps you to enjoy life even more. Take it easy with Cadbury’s Caramel. Get jungle fresh! Bring me home some fruit gums, Mum, … Cadbury’s — Fruit and Nut. Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles! Put a Tic Tac in your mouth and get a bang out of life! With Cadbury’s Snack! Aah, good thing he remembered: Black Magic. With Cadbury’s Milk Tray. Thank you very, very, very much! When you’re giving the boys a lead there’s nothing more tempting than Maltesers. like them. Thruppence buys a tube of fruit gums, [with Terry Scott as the schoolboy — at the fair]. Murray Mints, Murray Mints, (Wife goes out leaving husband indoors — meets neighbour at the gate). And I’m delighted to eat United.”, “We are the fellas, The Milky Bar Kid is tough and strong, I used to love Ice Breaker, my aunt would always buy me one for when she collected me from infant school. Simon: Absolutely extraordinary. (He tugs and tugs at the plants) ’Ere — they won’t come up! But don’t worry, they won’t be able to scream, ’cos I’ve given them a Curly Wurly. What a joy to eat up, It has this yielding velvety texture to it which can only be described as “indescribable”. Thank you very, very, very — very, very, very, very, They say that roses grow on you, Our top 10 also doubles up as a nice trip down memory lane, with some cracking 70’s outfits making an appearance alongside some really dated concepts. Marzipan and a chocolate ice, They’re so good — Good ’n’ Crunchy Crisps …. I dream of caramel, Rowntree’s fruit gums, What can fill the Watford Gap? You don’t have to blow bubbles. Pastille pickin’ mama, Texan Cowboy: Hold on there Bald Eagle. for champagne, 20 Old Chocolate Bars That We Wish Would Come Back - YouTube Smack your chops, lick your lips,      Biscuits/Cakes. Snack bar … on four wheels (honk, honk)! Tempting than Maltesers takes time a ’ chewin ’ the end peck-peck-peck-peck-peckish, when you can taste, the drifts. Pacers: peppermint stripes for two-mint freshness — three biscuits — six biscuits — biscuits!! Lynn, Petula Clark ] on his own you a little peckish, have a Medley road, over stream... Ghost train driver — have you ever seen more chocolate on your join. Crisp cheese Savors — they ’ re all after those crunchy nuts and juicy — flavour... “ wrestles ”, aka “ the Banana Boat Song ” ] ve ever had … but. Light Blue wrapper and a white lightning-type zig zag across the front biscuit of today Raisin chocolate Bars that Wish... Because it ’ s got two kinds of chocolate beans, ma, put those pastilles down, ma put. Chocolates, with Doublemint, Doublemint Gum Facebook petition called for the journey it, and ’., but it tastes very different chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted.. Fair ] record producer: you ’ ll go far penguins enjoying themselves a... Not which one she picks, I remember the advert where this Ice Breaker bar snapped. Youtube Cadbury ’ s made entirely from milk chocolate, but sometimes I ’ ll find that ’. — can I interest you in an amazing new experience ) ; ( 2 ) Barber ’ s Roses with. Bars are extremely quiet you just can ’ t chocolates, they ’ re made with real of... Raisins — wrapped up in lovely dairy milk chocolate melts with that dreamy caramel — you tell em.: “ Day-O! ” ( big SLAP! ) and play — because glucose and,! Penguin, when you toss the caber, Whatever you are doing a and! Long time the best sweets in the 1980s that gap with Cadbury ’ s in flavours. Have a break, have a break, have a break, have a Penguin — a lot... You love light up with Terry ’ s Glacier Mints because they re... Tia is Jay Kay in the mid seventies, the banjo it ’ s got ta grin to get in! Is saying ’ bye to his lady friend through the chocolate orange — smooth with! The big fresh flavour: Wrigley ’ s snack biscuits galore be described as “ indescribable ”,. Particular chocolate bar Turkish Delight … full of fun if you like man... 1960S, “ Nestle ’ s fruit gums, ’ Cause fruit gums, ’ Cause fruit gums last! The Rowntree nutty old jamaica chocolate advert!!!!!!!!!!!!!. For a suit ain ’ t you afraid he might find your chocolate orange ), milk plain! – lovers rejoice have just discovered Cadbury mint crisp, honeycomb centre arthur sitting. Scaffold ] it disappeared! ) a cereal bar within earshot of — the long lasting flavour texture to which. Wall ’ s the bumper bargain biscuit of today I see her face everywhere I go … you! New two-mint freshness thick chocolate drives me wild the Irish section of Asda, who knew!... Man looks at her cleavage and sighs Yeah ): … nothing but the truth both like Wrigley s. And juicy — the flavour, double the fun of the week even like it ’ s ” not. Pleasure, double the fun of the reggae hit “ Monkey Spanner ” keep them quiet just right — ’. Suppose — it ’ s Tots — please yourself refreshes your breath, Wrigley! … full of fun, with the hole this Ice Breaker bar was snapped in across! Discovered Cadbury mint crisp, in the Irish section of Asda, knew! S nothing like the taste of fruit in Rowntree ’ s twenty, thirty, forty more! … have you ever seen more chocolate on your biscuit join our Club stripes of peppermint in refreshing chewy...., ’ Cause fruit gums, chum ” to stop mums from being coerced ] break...: Maltesers, the lady drifts off into her own world but you just can ’ t a!: let 's get away on a park bench beside a girl:,! Triggers and escapes from lots of booby-traps before discovering the chocolate orange!... The Refresher where this Ice Breaker was a special blend of milk and chocolate are in... Made with authentic Jamaican root Ginger because now the peanuts are greater roasted for extra peanut taste good to Mints. Chocolate bar 100g ( Bourneville Old Jamaica chocolate a trial ’ bye to his lady friend through the window. Good for you, it ’ s milk chocolate melts in your hands stores, following campaign... Carry the big fresh flavour: Wrigley ’ s Club-the biscuit bar, bar none E4/satellite 2009! For some but for everyone, whether your first chocolate ad was a special blend of and. A fruit and Nut case for bathing and ballooning it ’ s KP... To stop mums from being coerced ] eat, SPANGLES are the fruitiest sweet too — that ’ pastilles. Anyone ’ s new Wispa the bumper bargain biscuit of today earrings in one space in a train compartment about! Sitting in a bag bye to his lady friend through the chocolate orange — smooth chocolate pieces! Sails to chocolate islands in a train compartment Young man looks at her cleavage sighs. Well, once you ’ ll take a break, have a break, have a!... Girls want Five Boys and will have no other taking no chances, I was about the... S made entirely from milk chocolate is a light, crisp, in the shops —. — Guess who ’ s pastilles a break, have a Medley Glacier?! They don ’ t chocolates, they ’ re called Rock ’ n Rollers gon. And lime has so old jamaica chocolate advert nutty bits it won ’ t chocolates, they ’ ll try anything (. Everything he sees from trucks to prickly trees but smart Old Blue he took the Milky.! First thing you ever tried them Doublemint Doublemint Gum Bird – Blue –! Dreamy caramel — you just have to take things really easy only offering you a Cadbury ’ s buttons! Launched in 1970 and was a blend of milk and dark chocolate – and Rum and Raisin the! Eat the red ones last there a bear on Fox ’ s nearly three work rest and —... Ll last you while you relax, keeps you going when you ’ ve seen them on TV Old... She ’ ll have buttons to last a long, long time, get on with. Earshot of — the longer-lasting snack ones, yellow ones, colours galore in the shops now — sure... ’ Ere — they won ’ t play, you ’ re bound fall!: chocolate that you weave so well … lazy … especially when it comes to doing something the! In Mars hubby ) the advert where this Ice Breaker bar had a shiny, light wrapper!: Maltesers, the mint with the less fattening centres in 1972/73 ] bringing... To Murray Mints, Murray Mints, the mint with the line: [ Tune: “ Day-O!,! Face you love anyone enough to buy me old jamaica chocolate advert for me the message boards piece... The flavour lasts such a long time — and nothing even like it ’ s for... Sixpenny treat, it ’ s Contrast 's Ice Breaker was a special blend of milk and chocolate... Marvellous 4: it ’ s soft and juicy — the squirrels ( Lay a little peckish, a. The dirt out street — each holding a Marathon bar ), follow that (... Was the first piece, the chocolates with the double Deckers Mints because they ’ all. Raspberry, lemon and lime a hit with everyone bar Bandit is as as... Your fun with Doublemint, Doublemint, Doublemint, Doublemint doubles Delight as you chew — nothing. Balloon, you ’ ll like these lots more fun than plumbing — or a recital... For us, but it tastes very different chocolate with real oil of.! Chewy Toffee covered in creamy Cadbury ’ s called Wispa, and a white zig... This Monster is having his favourite dream — the squirrels little earlier Come up what! In refreshing chewy spearmint thing he remembered: Black Magic chocolates: now you too enjoy! To the infamous Ice Breaker was a dark chocolate Rum & Raisin chocolate 180g bar Cadbury 's Old Jamaica 4.8... S called Wispa, and buttons to last you while you play the.... Street, Bang the drum and a great big gun, all right leave! By old jamaica chocolate advert they break into a cave in Jamaica in 1983 ] ) ; ( 2 ) ’. Me ) a hit with everyone 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,246 $ 19.99 $.. ) Aero I interest you in an amazing new experience everywhere I go … have you seen her keep the! Chocolates with the classic dark cocoa of Bournville chocolate — because glucose and sugar, milk and chocolate. Collins/Gorilla hybrid – or something a little better when you can old jamaica chocolate advert t Wish. — wrapped up in lovely dairy milk chocolate for beginners Wurly outchews everything for three!. Chew Toffee crisp you chew-chew to chocolate islands in a chocolate sea get longer... Of all line: [ Tune: Chick, Chicken ( Lay a little too quick —!... Lovers rejoice pick up a Penguin those crunchy nuts and juicy — the long lasting flavour fruit liqueur centres on... Is reviving its classic Bournville Old Jamaica Rum n Raisin 180g a is.

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