New 3D X-Ray System Brings Enhanced Patient Care to Middle Tennessee

A HUGE thank you to Carestream Dental for this donation! Read below for a press release. carestream

New 3D X-Ray System at Interfaith Dental Clinic Brings Enhanced Patient Care to Middle Tennessee

ATLANTA—“A smile changes everything,” Rhonda Switzer-Nadasdi, D.M.D., CEO, Interfaith Dental Clinic, said. Now, thanks to the donation of a CS 9000C 3D imaging system from Carestream Dental to Interfaith Dental Clinic, residents of Middle Tennessee have even more reason to grin.

“Through this donation, Carestream Dental has provided Interfaith Dental Clinic patients the latest technology, which improves diagnosis accuracy and treatment planning,” Switzer said.

Interfaith Dental Clinic serves people in Middle Tennessee who struggle to have their oral health care needs met. The clinic operates on a sliding fee scale, and asks patients to pay only what they can afford. This means that donations from generous companies, foundations and individuals are crucial to the clinic’s operations.

The donated system is a three-in-one unit that can capture 2D panoramic X-rays; 3D images; and cephalometric images, or an X-ray of the entire head, with less radiation than traditional computed tomography, or X-ray, imaging. The system can be used for a range of diagnoses and treatments, including endodontic, such as root canals; periodontic, or issues involving the gums and placing implants; and orthodontic.

Reliable and up-to-date technology for diagnoses and treating patients increases the odds of success. Also, by not having to refer patients to outside dental practices for 3D scans—as was customary in the past—Interfaith keeps costs low, which allows for more cases to be done on the same budget.

“Years of oral health neglect can make treatment planning for our patients complex,” Switzer said. “The charity and the patient cannot afford to do the treatment twice. The services our volunteers, staff and residents provide need to be done right the first time and done to last, as this might be the only chance some of our patients will ever have to receive fully restorative dental care.”

As Switzer points out, improved oral health care can mean new employment opportunities, a confident new outlook and a pathway to better general health.

“Interfaith Dental Clinic delivers world-class services to a population that, quite frankly, works too hard to not get good oral health care,” Ed Shellard, vice president, global sales and marketing, Carestream Dental, said. “We greatly admire Interfaith’s mission to provide care to those who need it most, and we hope that the new imaging system will help them achieve their goal.”

For more information on how to volunteer with Interfaith Dental Clinic, or to seek treatment, visit or call 615.329.4790.
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About Interfaith Dental Clinic
Interfaith Dental Clinic started in 1994 as a two-chair operation in a church basement, and is now a comprehensive program with two clinics, 36 staff, over 290 clinical and community volunteers, eight oral surgery residents from Vanderbilt University and two advanced education in general dentistry residents through Lutheran Medical College and the University of Tennessee. During the 2013-2014 fiscal year, Interfaith provided a market value of nearly $4 million in services to 2,164 patients through more than 9,874 visits.

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