Unlikely Patient Story

We love patient stories!  The joy of a great before and after picture, life transformation story, or a thankful patient is what motivates all of us as donors, supporters, and even staff.  In fact, it is our staff that led to this wonderful patient story.  Below are two of our incredible staff members who both had life-changing experiences at Interfaith and now help contribute to those life-changing experiences. 

Alisha had never been to the dentist before coming to Interfaith.  More than 10 years ago as a young adult she had unmet oral health needs, and Interfaith was able to serve her.  Through her care, she gained confidence in her skills and was so grateful it was affordable to her.  Alisha learned to brush and floss, but ultimately learned about the dramatic difference oral health care can make in someone’s life.  She went from bleeding gums to flossing regularly. Alisha left Interfaith and began her career with a new smile.  

Before coming to Interfaith she worked with a scheduling company who provided mobile dentistry for older adults.  She enjoyed the work, but when she saw an opening at Interfaith, she felt compelled to apply.  Her memories of Interfaith brought back joy that she knew she could help bring to others. 

Alisha’s smile can now be seen by all of patients of Interfaith. She serves as our Clinical Office Manager and leads our team of Patient Care Coordinators.  Her understanding of what patients need and what they are going through helps her lead with compassion and empathy.     

Alisha’s leadership helps our clinics run smoothly, and it makes you wonder if that would have been possible without the confidence she gained while being served at Interfaith.   

Adam found his way to Interfaith like many unfortunately do, as an emergency patient.  Adam was experiencing some pain, and Interfaith helped him in his time of need.  After his pain was addressed, the team helped him realize they could serve all his oral health needs. 

More than 12 years ago, he found himself coming to Interfaith what felt like to him as every other week.  Adam vividly remembers the care and concern he was given.  He raved at the staff’s chair-side manner and how it helped him rebuild his smile while patiently and compassionately sharing about his needs and how to address them. He remembers that the kindness and care he was given changed him. 

After Adam’s smile was repaired, he loved all he learned about his teeth.  He loved it so much that his wife encouraged him to go back to school to become a dental assistant. He worked in other dental offices but found his way to Interfaith after several years of providing care.  Adam now serves as an RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) and an EFDA (Expanded Function Dental Assistant).  “I take great pride in what I do.  I know I have the responsibility to effect someone’s health,” Adam shared.  Adam is passionate about what he does and how he is able to serve patients.  He knows exactly what the patients are going through.   Adam shared that when talking with patients about a procedure he can give them first-hand knowledge, because more than likely he has had the same procedure.  His ability to use his hands to change someone’s life is something he is grateful for and doesn’t take lightly.  He intimately knows that the care and compassion he now gives to patients matters more than you can know.  He once was the recipient of that care.  Now, he is able to make a difference in someone else’s life.  

All of Interfaith’s team seeks to live out our core values of Compassion, Respect, Excellence, Stewardship, and Transformational Change.  Adam and Alisha just have the advantage of knowing firsthand how much that matters.  A smile changes everything. Even Interfaith’s own staff!